What We Do

We believe that every individual has unique financial needs, goals, and risk tolerance that require tailored solutions over pre-set strategies. We work with our clients to develop customized investment plans that are integrated with their tax, cash, retirement, insurance, and estate planning needs. We believe that this comprehensive approach is necessary to generate additional planning value above asset management alone. After working with you to design a plan that will help you meet your financial goals, we will constantly monitor your investment portfolio and financial plan to assure that you are on target and make changes as necessary to adjust to your changing needs.

We are legally structured as two companies; McGowan & Co., LLP and McGowan & Co., LLC

McGowan & Co., LLP is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We are fee only advisors that do not sell any products for commission. We offer completely objective and unbiased advice to our clients. We help develop an investment plan that matches the client’s unique goals and risk tolerance. We strive to select the best investment options based on extensive due diligence and communicate our recommendations to our clients. We constantly monitor our clients’ portfolios and meet with them regularly to assure that the investments are still consistent with their short and long-term goals.

McGowan & Co., LLC is a CPA firm that specializes in personal financial planning. Our firm’s roots go back to 1980 when Brian J. McGowan was one of the earlier members of the then nascent financial planning profession. The firm is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide continuing education to other CPA’s. As financial planners, we are involved in tax, retirement, education, insurance, estate and trust, and business succession planning. Collectively, the partners have over ninety years of experience in this field. We represent high net worth individuals, corporate executives, and business owners. We believe that we are skilled in reducing complicated subjects to concepts that our clients quickly understand and value.

For a copy of our most recent CRS (customer relationship summary) please click on the link  https://investor.gov/CRS

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